Curling Etiquette

Ayr Country Curling Club

Curling Etiquette

1. The game of curling is different and rather special. There are no officials monitoring play or the conduct of individual players

2. Curling relies on the common sense, integrity and good manners of players and a sportsman like approach to the game.

3. Please arrive early and be ready to curl on time.

4. Always change into correct and safe shoes to curl.

5. Be ready to play without delay when your turn comes.

6. Be in the correct position on the ice – at or behind the hack when it is your turn to play (this includes no 3’s), at the side of the rink out of the way when your opponents are playing, or in a position to sweep when your side is playing. Remain in or behind the head when skipping. Keep away from the head at all times if you are not skipping.

7. Stand still, keep your brush still and keep off centre ice when your opponents are playing.

8. NEVER cross the ice when any player is on the hack – go behind.

9. NEVER cross in front of a running stone – ALWAYS behind it.

10. NEVER move the stones at the conclusion of an end until the No 3's have agreed the score.

11. No 2 player is responsible for filling in the score card at the completion of each end, and ensuring that it is signed by the skips at the conclusion of the game. The completed card must then be handed to the Club Secretary, or deputy.

12. Start and finish each game by shaking hands.


These are some simple rules, which are important for our club members to observe both in our own games and when you play against other clubs. By observing the etiquette of the “Roaring Game” you will feel confident that you are not spoiling the enjoyment of the game for others or yourself.




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