Club Rules


1.  If a 4-person team is short of a player beyond the conclusion of the second end, the opposing team will be awarded 3 shots, unless the shortage is caused by a player having transferred to make another team up to 3 players.

2.  A team still fielding only 2 players at the conclusion of the second end, may concede, giving the winning team 2 points and 6 shots, or may, to enable the game to be concluded, request the loan of a player from the 4-person team.

3.  Players arriving after the conclusion of the second end, when a replacement has already started, will not be allowed to play.

4.  Any reserve or borrowed player must play lead. They do not assume the position vacated by the full member they are replacing. All exiting members must move up one place as required. Acting skip plays the last two stones.

5.  The free guard zone will be applicable to all games. 

6. No reserve player can play more than 4 games for any one team - this is to encourage more use of the reserves who don't play a lot. 

7. If an official 3-person team fails to find a 4th player their opposition will be awarded 2 shots. 

8. Reserves are primarily to make teams up to their full strength, i.e. a 3-person team up to 4.