Respect the Interests of others  - 

Walkers      Farmers       Livestock     Wild Animals

  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
  • Protect the natural environment  -  Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home

Dwellings    -  Pass houses quickly and quietly
                       Respect the owner's privacy and peace
Gates          -  Leave gates as you find them open / shut
                      Use the kissing gates DO NOT climb the main gate
                      Do NOT touch chained / tied gates
Dogs           -             Are welcome - ESPECIALLY  -  when under control
                        -  Dog Walkers be very aware - At lambing time
                      Near livestock  - Beware of livestock with young
                                                 NEVER get between a cow and its calf
Further Recommendations  --  
NO DOGS, at any time, in the hilly regions of the ayrshire Coastal Path
             Girvan to Glenapp   /   Culzean to Ayr   /   North of Larggs
LAMBING  -   NO DOGS   January to early May      AVOID THESE FIELDS
Walking Groups   -   Large groups spook the livestock and wild animals
                                 Walk in groups of 6 persons
Breeding Shorebirds  -   
  • From May to July along narrow foreshore strips. 
  • walkers should walk on sand below the tide-mark where possible – 
  • to avoid trampling nest sites on shingle patches above high water mark.
  • This will greatly reduce the risk of accidentally crushing camouflaged eggs and the young chicks of nesting oystercatchers and ringed plovers.
  • Lookout for breeding birds running silently down the beach from the shingle and away from their nests. 
  • If they are calling all around, you are too close! 
  • So watch your feet for tiny chicks!