Great Curling TO COME........................
Hope you rested after a fine summer !
HAPPY NEW SEASON to you all........


It is September!  That means that it is time for Curling!

But it is many months since we all played the sport so why not take advantage of the ice that is available before the season starts so that your first game will be just so much better!

There are sessions for Drop In Practice for Ayr Curling Club members on :


Wed 13th September from 2-5pm

Wed 13th September from 7-9pm

Thurs 14th September from 2-5pm

Friday 15th September from 1-4pm

Sunday 17th September from 1-4pm

Sunday 17th September from 4-7pm


All this information is on the website.

There is also ice available at all these times for Try Curling sessions so if you have friends who would like to give our sport a try then bring them along!

Practice sessions are £5.00 for members for at least an hour. (special pre-season price!)

Try Curling sessions are £3.00pp.

Your Coaches will be on hand for any help that is required but if you just want to practice on your own just come along - there will be plenty ice available.


Welcome to the Ayr Country Curling Website

Welcome to the new season. 
The ice is prepared............. the shoes are dusted off............... the brush is cleaned............all is ready................are you?
Please check your availability and use the site to employ reserves where necessary.
Please plan well in advance so that there are complete teams on the ice.


WHOOPS LATE AGAIN....................WAIT FOR ME  !!!!




Diary Dates


Thurs 21st  

8.00pm  Opening supper & Practice (2130hrs)



Thur 5th 

6.00pm  League 1

Barnwell vs Low Coylton

Braston vs Milton

Doonview vs Parkview

Gemilston vs Tairlaw

Doonholm vs Noddsdale


w/c 17th 

Eglinton Jug


Thur 26th 

5.00pm  League 2

Barnwell vs Milton

Braston vs Gemilston

Doonholm vs Parkvieew

Doonview vs Low Coylton

Noddsdale vs Tairlaw



Thur 2nd 

7.15pm League 3

Barnwell vs Doonholm

Braston vs Doonview

Gemilston vs Milton

Noddsdale vs Low Coylton

Tairlaw vs Parkview


Tues 14th

5.00pm  Match Vs. Ayr & Alloway


Thur 16th 

9.30pm  Pairs Competition

(Pay as you play)


Thur 23rd

9.30pm  League 4

Doonview vs Tairlaw

Barnwell vs Braston

Gemilston vs Low Coylton

Doonholm vs Milton

Noddsdale vs Parkview



Sun 3rd

11.00am & 4.15pm The Donaldson Day

(Pay as you play)


Tues 5th

8.45pm  League 5

Barnweil vs Gemilston

Braston vs Noddsdale

Doonholm vs Tairlaw

Doonview vs Milton

Low Coylton vs Parkview



Thur 4th

5.00pm  Kennedy Plate


Tues 9th

5pm & 7.15pm  Province Medal


Thur 18th 

9.30pm  Points



Thur 1st 

5.00pm  League 6

Barnweil vs Doonview

Braston vs Parkview

Doonholm vs Gemilston

Low Coylton vs Tairlaw

Milton vs Noddsdale


Thurs 8th

2.30pm  Friendly Match vs The Royal Company of Archers


Thur 15th

7.15pm  League 7

Barnweil vs Noddsdale

Braston vs Tairlaw

Doonholm vs Low Coylton

Doonview vs Gemilston

Milton vs Parkview


Thur 22nd

5.00pm  League 8

Barnweil vs Parkview

Braston vs Low Coylton

Doonholm vs Doonview

Gemilston vs Noddsdale

Milton vs Tairlaw



Thur 1st

9.30pm League 9

Barnwell vs Tairlaw

Braston vs Doonholm

Doonview vs Noddsdale

Gemilston vs Parkview

Low Coylton vs Milton


Thur 15th

7.00pm AGM - Dinner & Prizegiving