Who would have believed it....

ITS HERE...Curling has begun.......

Welcome back to a season of challenge and reward....


Diary Dates 2021 - 2022


Mon 27th     

ACC Opening Day - details to follow  


Thurs 30th 

5.15 pm  Practice Ice then Opening Dinner @ 8.00 pm



Thur 7th

8.00  pm  League Round 1


Barnweil v Parkview

Brewlands v Roll'n Stones

Chalmers v Tam's Brig

Greenan v Working Horses


Thur 21st 

8.00 pm  League 2


Greenan v Roll'n Stones

Brewlands v Working Horses

Chalmers v Park View

Barnweil v Tam's Brig


Mon 25th

2.30 pm Match v Ayr & Alloway


Thur 28th

5.15 pm League Round 3


Chalmers v Greenan

Barnweil v Brewlands

Parkview v Roll'n Stones

Tam's Brig v Working Horses




Thur 11th

5.15 pm Cuthbert Salver       Mixed Pairs


Wed 17th

Match V. New Club in Edinburgh at 10.00 am


Thur 18th

8.00pm  League Round 4


Barnweil v Rolli'n Stones

Chalmers v Working Horses

Brewlands v Tam's Brig

Greenan v Parkview




Thurs 2nd

8.00pm League Round 5


Barnweil v Working Horses
Brewlands v Parkview
Chalmers v Roll'n Stones
Greenan v Tam's Brig


Thurs 16th

5.15 pm Kennedy Plate


tbc The Donaldson (1)  Vs. ACC Young Curlers





TBC  Province Medal details to follow


Thurs 13th

8.00 pm  League Round 6


Chalmers v Brewlands

Parkview v Working Horses

Barnweil v Greenan

Roll'n Stones v Tam's Brig


Thur 27th 

8.00 pm  League Round 7


Roll'n Stones v Working Horses

Barnweil v Chalmers

Brewlands v Greenan

Parkview v Tam's Brig



Thurs 3rd 

5.15 pm  Points


TBC  Friendly Match vs The Royal Company of Archers (at M'field)


Thurs 17th

5.15 pm League Round 8


Working Horses v Brewlands

Tam's Brig v Chalmers

Roll'n Stones v Greenan

Parkview v Barnweil



Thurs 3rd

5.15 pm League Round 9


Tam's Brig v Barnweil

Parkview v Brewlands

Roll'n Stones v Chalmers

Working Horses v Greenan


TBC The Donaldson (2) v. ACC Virtual Club


Thur 10th

7.00pm AGM - Dinner & Prizegiving