Diary Dates

13th October 5.15pm
League Round 1
Barnweil v Greenan
Doonholm v Roll'n Stones
Chalmers v Noddsdale
Kilkerran v Working Horses
19th -21st October
Eglinton Jug
Tues 25th 2.30pm
Match v Ayr & Alloway
27th October 5.15pm
League Round 2
Noddsdale v Roll'n Stones
Greenan v Working Horses
Kilkerran v Doonholm
Barnweil v Chalmers
Tues 1st November 5.15pm
Cuthbert Salver
17th November 8pm
League Round 3
Chalmers v Working Horses
Barnweil v Noddsdale
Kilkerran v Roll'n Stones
Greenan v Doonholm
1st December 5.15pm
League Round 4
Barnweil v Roll'n Stones
Chalmers v Greenan
Noddsdale v Kilkerran
Doonholm v Working Horses
Tues 20th December 5.15pm
Kennedy Plate
Tues 3rd January
Province Medal
12th January 8pm
League Round 5
Barnweil v Working horses
Noddsdale v Doonholm
Chalmers v Roll'n Stones
Greenan v Kilkerran
26th January 5.15pm
League Round 6
Chalmers v Doonholm
Noddsdale v Working Horses
Barnweil v Kilkerran
Roll'n Stones v Greenan
9th February 8pm
League Round 7
Roll'n Stones v Working Horses
Barnweil v Doonholm
Noddsdale v Greenan
Chalmers v Kilkerran
Wednesday 15th January 2.30pm
Match v Royal Company of Archers
16th January 5.15pm
Wednesday 22nd February
Province Medal
23rd February 5.15
Knockout Round 1
1st v 4th
2nd v 3rd
5th v 8th
6th v 7th
9th March 8pm
Knockout Round 2
2nd v 4th
1st v 3rd
5th v 7th
6th v 8th
16th March 7.00pm




The season has commenced with a most enjoyable practice session where many knees felt the pain and many brains were taxed beyond normal. And this was just a practice! Next time its for real!  Competitive.....who's competitive...its just for the taking part!



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