After Match 6

Team Won Lost Peeled Points Place
Barnweil 2 3 1 5 6
Chalmers 2 4 0 4 7
Doonholm 0 5 1 1 8
Greenan 4 1 1 9 1
Kilkerran 4 2 0 8 3
Noddsdale 3 2 1 7 4
Roll'n Stones 3 1 2 8 2
Working Horses 3 3 0 6 5


Well well well... After six rounds this is the result table going into the last evening on 9th February at 8.00 pm.

It is there for the taking  IF.......   Greenan falter!
Kilkerran and Roll'n Stones are just 1 point behind the leader. 
Kilkerran will be playing Chalmers... A key match
Greenan will be playing Noddsdale... With Chris away who will be in that team!
Roll'n Stones will be playing Working Horses...again a fine match in prospect.
To complete the evening it must be Barnweil versus Doonholm... A final search for success.
To everyone.. Well done for your performances. every evening has been a mix of good company and varying degrees of success.  Just as it should be.
9th February 8pm
League Round 7

Roll'n Stones v Working Horses
Barnweil v Doonholm
Noddsdale v Greenan
Chalmers v Kilkerran

Wednesday 15th February 2.30pm
Match v Royal Company of Archers
16th February 5.15pm

Wednesday 22nd February
Province Medal

23rd February 5.15
Knockout Round 1

1st v 4th 
2nd v 3rd
5th v 8th
6th v 7th

9th March 8pm
Knockout Round 2

2nd v 4th
1st v 3rd
5th v 7th
6th v 8th
16th March 7.00pm






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