The new season is over the horizon.............



Diary Dates 2019 - 2020


Thurs 17th  

7.15pm  Opening supper & Practice @ 8.45 pm



Thur 3rd 

5.00pm  League 1


Barnweil v Parkview

Carbieston v South Craig

Gemilston v Tradunnock

Mungo's Well v Hollybush

Noddsdale v Willockston


Carbieston v Tairlaw
Drumbain v The Chalmers
Kirkland v The Millers
Knock v Brewlands
Ladyburn v Willockston

w/c 14th 

Eglinton Jug


Mon 14th

Day League

12 Noon Vs. Irvine

Thur 24th 

5.00pm  League 2


Barnweil v South Craig

Carbieston v Noddsdale

Gemilston v Hollybush

Mungo's Well v Parkview

Tradunnock v Willockston


Mon 28th

Day League

12 Noon Vs. Disnae Virtual


Thur 31st 

2.30pm  Match v Ayr & Alloway




Thur 7th 

9.30pm League 3


Barnweil v Gemilston

Carbieston v Mungo's Well

Noddsdale v South Craig

Parkview v Tradunnock

Hollybush v Willockston


Thur 14th

9.30pm  Pairs


Mon 18th

Day League

12 Noon Vs. Irvine Ladies


Thur 21st

9.30pm  League 4


Barnweil v Carbieston

Gemilston South Craig

Mungo's Well v Willockston

Noddsdale v Parkview

Hollybush v Tradunnock

Willockston v Knock


Thur 28th

8.45pm  League 5


Barnweil v Noddsdale

Carbieston v Traddunnock

Gemilston V Willockston

Mungo's Well v South Craig

Hollybush v Parkview





Mon 9th

Day League

12 Noon Vs. Abbotsford


Sun tbc

tbc The Donaldson Vs. ACC Young Curlers


Match Vs. The New Club at M'field






Mon 6th

Day League

12 Noon Vs. Mardi Ladies


Tues 7th

5pm & 7.45pm  Province Medal


Wed 8th

7.45pm  League 6


Barnweil v Mungo's Well

Carbieston v Hollybush

Gemilston v Noddsdale

Parkview v Willockston

Tradunnock v South Craig


Thur 16th

9.30 pm Points


Mon 20th

Day League

12 Noon Vs. Fullarton


Thur 23rd 

7.15pm  League 7


Barnweil v Tradunnock

Carbieston v Willockston

Gemilston v Parkview

Mungo's Well v Noddsdale

Hollybush v South Craig


Tues 28th 

6.00pm  Kennedy Plate




Wed 12th

7.15pm  League 8


Barnweill v Hollybush

Carbieston v Parkview

Gemilston v Mungo's Well

Noddsdale v Tradunnock

South Craig v Willockston


Wed 19th

2.30 pm  Friendly Match vs The Royal Company of Archers at Ayr


tbc  The Donaldson Vs. ACC Virtual Club


Thur 27th

5.00pm  League 9


Barnweil v Willockston

Carbieston v Gemilston

Mungo's Well v Tradunnock

Noddsdale v Hollybush

Parkview v South Craig



Thur 5th

7.00pm AGM - Dinner & Prizegiving